We offer an easy-to-use competition management platform that allows athletics organizers to effectively manage the full range of activities required to run a successful athletics meeting.

Roster Athletics’ integrated system operates securely in the cloud and runs through a web browser. Your relevant information is also instantaneously available to spectators via our mobile consumer app. There’s no need to install anything on your computer.

Our flexible platform easily accommodates the inevitable last-minute changes and adjustments to the vast amounts of data entered by organizers such as seeding and re-seeding, participating athletes, etc.

We offer a world-class digital experience that includes a highly rated consumer mobile app, together with an administrative mobile app that lets organizers manage meetings and enter results in the field.

Our fan engagement features enable organizers to connect directly with spectators and fans.

We are constantly working to enhance our platform with new features and bug fixes being deployed regularly and instantly accessible to our users.