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A complete competition management and registration system

Roster Athletics has developed a comprehensive competition and registration management platform that significantly reduces the administrative tasks and streamlines meet management processes for sports organizers, from schools to clubs to global championships. Organizers can easily create and manage all aspects of competitions and other events in a secure environment with a state-of-the-art digital experience. Major benefits include a reduced workload for staff, cost savings and lower error rates due to automation and integration of different modules.

Secure cloud-based platform connected with free Android and iOS applications.
Mobile app live overview of the Roster Athletics competition schedule.

The Roster Athletics Competition Management Platform includes five main products







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Admin Portal with an integrated entry system and connection to timing systems.

Automate the meeting

At the heart of the Roster Athletics ecosystem is the Roster Admin Portal. This powerful platform automates the setup and administration of athletic meetings, including (i) importing of athlete registration, (ii) setting up events, time schedules, start lists, automated seeding and qualification, (iii) automated connection to timing systems for results, (iv) administration of users, and (v) automatic data transfer to the Roster Athletics consumer app, including all of its features.

The Roster Athletics platform helps organizers keep things simple and organized behind the scenes allowing them to focus on the fun stuff – the sporting event itself.

Event details for integrated automated connection to timing equipment on the Roster Athletics sports event platform.
Easy to setup events, time schedules, start lists, automated seeding and qualification.

Live Results from the field with the Meet Mgmt app

The Roster Athletics Meet Mgmt app is dedicated field events results app that is synchronized to the Roster Competition Management Platform.
Field officials can easily enter results directly from the field via this mobile app. These results are then immediately available for viewing by everyone in the Roster consumer app. This capability enables fans of any meeting to follow field events in near real-time.

Download the Roster Athletics Meet Management App on the App Store.
Download the Roster Athletics Meet Management App on Google Play.
Web based portal with automatic online results accessed from any computer or phone browser.
Roster track and field athletes for a digital athletics experience.

Manage your meeting from anywhere, at any time

Since the portal is web-based, it can be accessed from any online computer with a web browser. Creating new meetings, changing the details of an existing meeting, and adding or updating data are instantly in the cloud and immediately accessible by the Roster consumer app user. Similarly, new features and updates can be instantly deployed and immediately accessed by the organizer or end-user.

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