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An easy-to-use competition management platform accessible from any browser

Meeting overview

Sports fans crave more information and data about your sport. You can engage with your fans and show them live results directly on their mobile devices (both iOS and Android). Fans can also access athlete photos, bios, and previous results. In addition, fans can follow the meeting feed in our Roster Athletics consumer app, which includes videos, images and commentary. The organizer controls all communications and results through its web browser.

You can also export and print time schedules, start lists, and results in PDF files. These can be shared, printed or uploaded/linked to your website.


Engage with your fans and show them live results directly on their mobile devices.

Set up a meeting

You can easily select events and create a time schedule for your meeting. Choose when you would like the schedule and start lists to be available for viewing on the Roster Athletics consumer app. Save time by adding several (or all) athletes at once using our Import CSV tool instead of adding athletes one at a time. After you have created a time schedule and start lists, you can select a methodology for team competitions whereby points are calculated automatically.  Results are seamlessly shown in the app. You can also easily add SBs and PBs from the Tilastopaja database in one step.


Choose when you would like the schedule and start lists to be available for viewing on the Roster Athletics consumer app.

Fan Engagement

Roster Athletics' Competition Management Platform can automatically create a fantasy game for your meeting. Our fantasy game opens a door for fans to experience athletics on a new level and helps to increase interest in the sport.  Participants select athletes for their roster and can play the game in either a public group, or create a private group to play with their friends. You can also create further fan engagement and fun with an in-meeting quiz with unlimited questions for participants to play.  Additionally, organizers can live stream the meeting directly in the Roster Athletics consumer app – it’s effortless to set up. Currently, professional HLS streams and YouTube LiveStream are supported.


Give your sponsors additional exposure by adding sponsor promotion for your meeting. You can set it up in the Roster Athletics competition management platform, and include pictures, a description and a web link.


The Roster Athletics admin app (only for organizers) can be used to enter results directly from the field (e.g., the official at the long jump pit can add results to this digital "score-sheet" directly from the field with the benefit of showing spectators live results via their own mobile devices).


Time schedules

Select events and create a time schedule

Add AThletes

Add athletes one at a time or use our CSV import tool


Seed the heats or groups

Live results in app

See live results in consumer app for iOS and Android

results on web

Print, share, or upload/link to your own website.

In-app feed

Comment, chat, share pictures or post videos

Cloud storage

No need to install anything, runs on a browser

MeetING pictures

Customize the meeting picture in the app

Photos & write-ups

Get access to photos and write-ups of top athletes

Online support

Online support with Roster Athletics staff


Create a closed meeting with a password

In-field results

Fill in results directly from field events

Team competitions

Create team competitions and calculate points

Fantasy games

Create your own fantasy game around the meeting


Create an in-meeting quiz with unlimited questions

Sponsor promotion

Add sponsor promotion to the app

Database integration

DB integration for athlete info and historical data

Live streaming

Add live-streaming directly to the consumer apps

Featured meetING

Feature the meeting for greater audience exposure