Q: Who is behind Roster Athletics?

A: We are a small, international team, trying to make track & field more fun to watch


Q: What is Roster Athletics?

A: At this point Roster Athletics is a fantasy game for fans following the sports of track & field (aka Athletics). But this is only the first step in a long journey to make track & field more interesting to follow for fans


Q: What are the future plans for Roster Athletics?

A: We want to follow our tag line of making fans participate more in the sport of track & field and not only spectate. We want to enable engagement between fans, athletes and athletics meeting organizers. Also, we are aiming for a product that can help educate new fans about the sport.



Q: What do those weird shortcuts mean (PB, SB, MR, etc.)?

A: PB - Personal Best • SB - Season’s Best • MR - Meeting Record • WR - World Record • DSQ - Disqualified • DNS - Did Not Start • DNF - Did Not Finish • NM - No Mark • WL - World Lead


Q: Notifications are annoying, can I turn them off?

A: Yes, you can turn off notifications on the Settings screen (look in the application drawer, on the main screen of Roster Athletics).


Q: Does a result from an oversized track (longer than 200m) count as an indoor PB and SB?

A: No, only results from 200m tracks count as indoor results.